What if my camper is nervous to try a new program?

Naturally, children (and adults!) are often hesitant to try something new. They wonder what it will be like – is my counselor nice? Do they have good snacks? Where is the bathroom? A new program is often a wonderful opportunity for children to find answers to questions and build confidence. When a child wonders about whether they will make friends, be good at an activity, learn to do something new, and be a part of a group, the answers they find at OSC are positive and wonderful!

One thing that helps children who are nervous and/or slower to warm up is our small group structure. At the beginning of the first day, campers are welcomed into their 12-person camp group by their counselors. Within that small, consistent group, they are able to become comfortable more quickly, start to get to know other campers, and settle in for a fun session.