Welcome Letter for New Parents

Dear Parent,

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Summer is on the way – Welcome to Outpost!

Selecting summer activities for our children is a busy job here in San Diego. We are surrounded by so many wonderful opportunities.

In our family we have five children between the ages of 5-18, and like you, we are balancing calendars and budgets carefully to set each of our kids up with a great summer schedule. One of our filters in making decisions about camps and other activities is: What is my child going to gain from this experience? Will they (or us, as parents) realize a “return on investment”? Will they gain self-confidence? Master a new skill and realize a bump in self-esteem? Make and keep new friends, and practice those skills every day? And will it be FUN?

We shop for camps that clearly prioritize these types of goals. Some programs seem to exist simply to take care of children and attempt to entertain them. Others seem more intentional about developing kids during their time with them.

A second priority of ours is that our kids are away from their devices as much as possible, outdoors, and happy. Sometimes I wonder if that is even possible anymore. Our kids are also busy all school year – with classes and sports and after-school activities that are highly structured, with some that go on all year. For the summer, we want them to have a break from “the norm”. We want them to try things that are new, and challenging. We’d like them to be among a diverse, inclusive group of caring people. And of course, most of all, we want them to have fun, and enjoy themselves, and just be kids.

Our camp, Outpost Summer Camps, has been a core summer experience for our children from the very beginning. Outpost started with 25 kids back in 2002, with the mission to create a special environment that was stable (three weeks long), outdoors (100% of our time is spent outside), and connecting (our groups are small and our counselors are amazing). The plan was to hike, explore, create activities from our imagination, build forts, sing camp songs, perform skits, swim, and play together, all day every day.

Eighteen summers later, this experiment and mission has translated into a vibrant community that has served thousands of San Diego children and their families. Last summer we welcomed 1500 campers into our programs and our children spent their 31st summer (collectively) at camp. And as we’ve grown, we’ve stayed true to our founding principles: small groups, lots of imagination, terrific staff, and a strong sense of belonging to the group for all involved. No devices. We are outside and unplugged, and kids from preschoolers to teenagers LOVE it.

For YOU as a parent, staring at your own calendar, choosing Outpost means knowing that for at least three wonderful weeks of the summer, a caring team of child-development professionals will be investing their time into your child. We’ll be taking the time to know your child, welcoming your camper by name, and ensuring that they are connecting with other kids and the counselors. We are parental in our approach – looking for untied shoes, prioritizing sunscreen and water and down time, and, watching for small cues that may indicate that some extra attention would help.

Our website has lots of wonderful information about our programs, and we offer secure, online enrollment 24/7. We are also here to answer any questions you have, so contact us at any time. We are family owned and operated and our loyal and talented director team has been with Outpost for many years, helping us create each memorable summer. We hope you will consider choosing Outpost for your child not only for this summer, but for many summers to come. And we look forward to welcoming you into our camp family!

Stuart and Kelly Jones

Feel free to email us, parent to parent. We are always happy to discuss camp.