Day Camp

Traditional Camp Experience for Children Entering Grades K-5

Outpost is a traditional day camp completely outside and unplugged. Our Day Camp Program is designed to embrace the creativity and differences of each camper to create an inclusive environment and unique group identity. Located next to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve our campers get back to the basics of facilitated outdoor play. Each three-week session has options for two, three or five days per week. Learn more about our dates and rates.

Door to Door Transportation

Door to Door Transportation

Expertly trained and commercially licensed counselors create an engaging environment to welcome campers onto their van each morning. Each van group has its own rituals to make the van routes a unique and exciting part of camp. Learn more about transportation.

Outside & Unplugged

100% Outside and Unplugged

Outpost’s entirely outdoor environment allows our campers to reconnect with nature, get the exercise their bodies need and see their inner creativity spring back to life untethered to devices or at-home comforts.


Unique and Customized Adventures

Each group’s experiences are tailored to the age, gender and personality of the campers. Our counselors embrace the creativity and differences of each camper to create an inclusive environment and unique group identity.

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Strong Sense of Belonging

Each group’s unique sense of identity and inclusivity provides a safe platform for kids to take social risks. Every day our campers develop their physical, emotional and social skills by creating and maintaining positive peer friendships, leading group activities, trying new and silly things, and enjoying themselves outdoors.

Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories

We find that campers remember the in-between moments filled with inside jokes, ridiculous games and silly conversations most. From ninja spying on another to group to writing notes to the Leaf People, these are the stories you’ll hear from your campers over dinner.

Genuine Connections

Genuine Connections

Our small group sizes and longer sessions give each camper the opportunity to genuinely connect with and keep friends. Many relationships that start at camp last a lifetime!

Small Groups

Small Groups

Groups of the same age and gender are the focus of our program’s design. Each camper has the same counselor and peer group for the full three weeks allowing our staff and campers the opportunity to really get to know each other.

Hand Picked Staff

Hand Picked Staff

Our counselors are carefully selected and intentionally trained to ensure every child feels included, valued and appreciated. We pride ourselves on our counselors; they’re the ones who create the magic.

Starting The Day Right

Starting the Day Right

Each morning we begin with a high energy welcome we lovingly called “Blitz”. It’s an exciting and engaging game with songs, skits, call backs and other activities combined to set the right tone of silliness, creativity and energy for the rest of the day.

Life Skills

A Life Skills Multi-Vitamin

Each group has their own secret tree fort located in our canyon preserve where facilitated free play encourages campers to get back to basics and simply play outside. This allows campers to learn collaboration, creativity, initiative, leadership and responsibility.

Bestof 40

Ending on a High Note

Our closing “Campfire” at the end of each day is an all camp gathering where groups get the opportunity to showcase their unique identity and experiences. There are skits, challenges, flag exchanges, songs and more inspired and created by the campers.