The feedback we receive from our parents and campers is very important to us. It helps us improve our program and continue to meet and exceed the high standards of our camp families. Listed below are some responses and comments taken directly from post-summer program evaluation forms over the years.

DSC06849Results from our 2023 Parent Survey:

What do you appreciate most about Outpost?
1. Good, clean fun
2. Meaningful experiences
3. Quality of Staff
4. Camper feels known and valued
5. Inclusive, accepting environment

What positive increases have you noticed in your camper(s)?
1. Happiness
2. Screen-free play
3. Confidence
4. Creativity and imagination
5. Friendship-making skills

Some of our camp parents have volunteered to serve as referrals for new families interested in our program. Contact us if you would like to speak with one of our camp parents directly.

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Watch John explain how Outpost has benefited his son Ryan throughout MANY years of Outpost!

John T  -  Outpost Camper Parent


The opportunity for my children to attend Outpost Summer Camps turned out to be one of the best experiences of our summer. As a parent, my expectations were exceeded each and every day. The small, yet important, details that are often overlooked at a typical camp, such as frequent sunscreen application and adequate water intake, were integrated into the daily routine of the children, alleviating my worry and keeping my kids safe. Yet while sunscreen and water are important, it was the sheer enthusiasm my children displayed every morning for another day of camp that brought such joy to our days. My 12 year old son said how he enjoyed “the opportunity to try new activities, like rock climbing and sailing, and the camaraderie between my group.” Echoing the sentiment of camaraderie, my 10 year old daughter loved “group activities because they were exciting and required real team work.”

Outpost Summer Camps did not overlook any details required for a safe, exciting summer experience. From the time spent singing in the vans, the consistent enthusiasm of the counselors or the top-notch excursions, Outpost provided my children with carefree days filled with excitement and character building. As a parent, sending my children off each morning, I was confident that they were being kept safe and being provided with an opportunity to make long lasting memories in a safe, exciting environment. My children have participated in many San Diego County summer camp programs and Outpost Summer Camps surpassed all others in our family’s eyes.

Elena G  -  OSC Camper Mom

Thank you for bringing such a superior summer program to San Diego. Having my daughter in your camp makes me feel better about having to be away from her all day in the summer months. This is an exceptional opportunity for her, and she’s having a better time than she would have with me!


Ryan J  -  OSC Camper dad

Watch Suzanne describe her daughter’s first year Outpost experience!

Suzanne  -  Outpost Camper Mom

“I was so thrilled to find your camp – it is exactly what I was looking for in a summer-long program for my daughter. Your camp is more the environment a child deserves to be in, and that parents can feel good about. It has given my child the opportunity to try new activities and learn new skills that she normally would not have attempted.”

Catherine H  -  Outpost Camper Parent

“My son loves everything about OSC. We like the imaginative outdoor adventures and the songs. We’ve noticed how much his swimming has improved too!”

Tim S  -  OSC camper dad

Sending my kids to Outpost Summer Camps is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done as a parent.  They come home happy, tired and dirty, but also more resilient, and with more skills than they had when they left the house in the morning.   The experiences they have at Outpost stay with them all year – resolving problems, handling setbacks and surviving disappointments are all easier because of their weeks at Outpost.  If everything kids did was like a little more like Outpost, the world would be a better place.


Anna C  -  Outpost Camper Mom