Senior Outpost

Exploration & Adventure for Campers Entering Grades 6 to 9

Senior Outpost is a unique program specifically for middle school campers who are ready for the excitement and exploration of an outdoor adventure program. It is designed to offer positive risk taking experiences and opportunities to try new activities. Each activity is intentionally chosen to advance each camper’s physical, social and emotional skills. Our Senior Outpost Program is a two-week session, five-days-per-week Mondays through Fridays 9:00 AM to 3:15 PM for middle schoolers located in Canyonside Community Park and the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

Our 2024 Senior Outpost program activities include paddle boarding, kayaking, beach days, pool, and high ropes! Learn more about dates and rates here.


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100% Outside and Unplugged

Outpost’s entirely outdoor environment allows our campers to reconnect with nature, get the exercise their bodies need and see their inner creativity spring back to life untethered to devices or at-home comforts.

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Intentionally Chosen Adventures

Senior Outpost activities are selected with specific, intentional outcomes in mind. Each session, groups spend approximately two-thirds of the session away from camp at activities. These activities include kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, a challenge course (on-site), a high ropes course, hiking and beach days.


Challenge Course (On-Site)

Each group participates in Challenge Course at the beginning of the session. Challenge Course is led by a leadership team member, and consists of different games and activities with the objective of building group unity, helping campers get to know new people and explore their own leadership style.

Intentionally Chosen Adventures

Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Kayaking with Aqua Adventures in Mission Bay is a favorite of many of our campers. Campers are paired intentionally in their kayaks and encouraged to work together, communicate and support each other.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding with Aqua Adventures in Mission Bay helps campers encourages campers to try something new and challenging, recognize that they might not “get it” right away, and help someone else who’s still learning.

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High Ropes

If you asked Senior Outpost campers what their favorite activity is, many of them would say High Ropes. Set in the trees of La Jolla at UCSD, campers practice stepping out of their comfort zones, supporting others and setting boundaries.

The central theme of the day is defining success for themselves. Success may look like completing the course, helping another camper or putting on the harness and taking a few steps up the course. All are celebrated as campers learn that success looks different for every person.

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Beach Days

On two beach days each session groups bond together while enjoying the beautiful La Jolla Shores Beach. They play both in the water and on the sand and grass, building memories, reminiscing on their session and enjoying a favorite Senior Outpost tradition.

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Challenge By Choice

All of our campers are empowered to articulate limits and be in complete control of their choices regarding participation in our challenging activities. While we encourage everyone to expand their boundaries, no one at Outpost is ever forced or pressured to participate in any activity but are encouraged to expand their comfort zone.


Genuine Connections

Our small group sizes and longer sessions give each camper the opportunity to genuinely connect with and keep friends. Many relationships that start at camp last a lifetime!

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Strong Sense of Belonging

Each group’s unique sense of identity and inclusivity provides a safe platform for kids to take social risks. Every day our campers develop their physical, emotional and social skills by creating and maintaining positive peer friendships, leading group activities, trying new and silly things, and enjoying themselves outdoors.

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Lasting Memories

We find that campers remember most the in-between moments filled with inside jokes, ridiculous games and silly conversations. From swearing knighthood to the Royal Teddy Bear of Smushmutterfly to intensely debating the proper techniques of frolicking, these are the stories you’ll hear from your campers over dinner.