Junior Outpost

Camp Adventures for Children Entering K to 2nd Grade

Junior Outpost is carefully designed by our directors to be a nurturing program for campers. Junior Outpost operates “partial day” from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM and is full of traditional Outpost fun and adventure. Our counselors are chosen and trained to embrace the creativity and imagination of each camper to create an inventive and inclusive environment. Sessions are two weeks long, five days per week Monday through Friday. Learn more about our dates and rates.

*Please note: Campers entering K-2nd grade are eligible for two programs: Junior Outpost (4 hours) and Day Camp (6 hours).
Junior Outpost is the same programming, philosophy, and structure as Day Camp without daily swimming which is what shortens the camp day.
We’d be happy to speak with you to help you decide which program is the best fit for your child. Please click here to read more about Day Camp.

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Set Up for Success

Our staff are skilled at pacing the day appropriately by alternating between high and low energy activities. By tailoring the day to the appropriate age, each camper can navigate camp more successfully.

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Small Groups

Small groups of the same age are the focus of our program’s design. Group-centered camping gives children the best opportunity to experience the powerful feeling of belonging, make and keep new friendships, and connect with their counselors.

Genuine Connections

Our small group sizes and longer sessions give each camper the opportunity to genuinely connect with and keep friends. We have found that this is especially important for our youngest campers as they adjust to the camp day with familiar faces.


Hand-Picked Staff

Our counselors are carefully selected and intentionally trained to ensure every child feels included, valued and appreciated. We pride ourselves on our counselors. They’re the ones who create the magic!

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Back to Basics

Campers visit our nature forts every day – where facilitated free play encourages campers to get back to basics and simply play outside. This allows campers to learn collaboration, creativity, initiative, leadership and responsibility.

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Strong Sense of Belonging

Each group’s unique sense of identity and inclusivity provides a safe platform for kids to develop their physical, emotional and social skills by choosing group activities, trying new and silly things, and enjoying themselves outdoors.

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Lasting Memories

We find that what campers remember most are the in-between moments filled with inside jokes, ridiculous games and silly conversations. From ninja spying on another to group to leaving notes for the Leaf People, these are the stories you’ll hear from your campers over dinner.