To our 2020 Staff

Dear Staff,

Thank you for making your way to this page.

The most rewarding part of our profession is recruiting, hiring, training, and employing each of you, each summer.

It is a huge privilege to work with so many exceptional people. In our family, we talk about this almost every day of our lives.

Summer Staff 2019 Wide


That is the thing we will miss this summer when we cannot safely operate camp.  We will miss you. We will miss that feeling that only camp staff members know: the feeling that is earned through serving so many families and children each summer together as a team.

Kelly will have called each of you prior to you reading this. If you were not able to speak with her directly, here are the main points:

We’re sorry for the loss of your summer job.

We are sorry for a missed opportunity to make a ton of lifelong friends, challenge yourself personally and professionally, take risks to lead and sing and dance and play, and to serve alongside so many other exceptional people.  We will miss the chance to connect with you, learn about you, and mentor you.

Your safety is extremely important to us, and it is our responsibility to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe workplace.  We cannot ask or require employees to work during a pandemic, in the specific environment we purposefully create at Outpost, regardless of anything that transpires over the next two months. It is simply not safe enough to do so, nor will it change to be by June.

We do hope you find something wonderful this summer, and please do let us know what that is! One thing for sure is that we’ll all have stories of adaptation and resilience to share.

We are planning on operating in Summer 2021, and having staff that know how to make camp happen return next year will be our most important task. We’ll be saving a place for you!

Finally, from our family to yours in these strange times, we hope you are safe, healthy and finding new ways to connect and make it through with the rest of us. In our house, it’s always camp! Last week our kids used one of our camp t-shirt bins to make a sled and slide down our stairs. Then we did it and totally crashed (which ended up on TikTok, of course!). More days like that ahead of us for sure!


Stuart and Kelly Jones