What? No OUTPOST??

Dear Camper,

This is how we feel when camp is going to start – we are so excited we can’t wait!

Van Kid











But here’s what we have to tell you about camp. Outpost is going to be closed for this summer.  Because of coronavirus, we do not know if Outpost will be safe and ready for this summer, so we have to skip one summer.

That might be confusing, because maybe by next month or later, we can all go outside again.  And then we would think, “that makes it OK for camp to start.”  But for Outpost, we already know we can’t start, because coronavirus has made it impossible for us to get ready in time and to make sure everything can be safe and fun and normal.

We told our own kids this news right before you. There are five kids in our family and they are all part of Outpost too.

We wrote down some of their feelings: Sad. Mad. Confused. Angry. Bummed.

And we wrote down some of the things they said: It’s OK I guess. But I go there every year!  I don’t want it to be closed.

Maybe as your parents told you there would be no Outpost, you felt one or more of those things.  Maybe you didn’t.  Both of those are OK.

Here’s how we are feeling:

Sad.  We’re sad we have to close, and that we will not get to see you at camp. We miss you!

Sorry.  We are so sorry that you can’t come to camp this summer. We know you were planning on it.

Determined.  We are definitely planning for Summer 2021, so that YOU can come back to Outpost next year.

Next summer, we are SAVING A SPOT JUST FOR YOU!  That’s one of the main things we’re writing to you about.  We can’t wait for you to come back, and we will be back next year!

We also have a surprise.  If you write to us below, and tell us about you and camp, we’ll mail something to you from Outpost!  (If you are under 13, you will need permission from your parent)

We hope you and your family are well. We will miss you this summer! 

Stuart and Kelly Jones