2022 Gift Guide for Campers, Parents and Staff


The holiday season is upon us! Just like everyone else, we are always trying to figure out what to gifts to give to the people we love. If you’ve got camp people on your list, we’re here to help. We’ve got gift ideas for the campers, parents and counselors in your life that they will love! 



Misting Water Bottle
Camper Mister Waterbottle

These water bottles are a favorite amongst campers on hot days. Combine lots of cool color and pattern options with the misting function, and you’ve got a water bottle that everyone is going to want!

Check out all the patterns here!

Disposable Camera

Disposable Cameras

Remember the fun of taking photos on a disposable camera, taking it in to be developed, and then having those photos as meaningful reminders of great memories? Give your campers that same experience. Disposable cameras are welcome at camp, and the photos make a great keepsake after the summer ends!

Start making photo memories here! 

Outpost Hat

20th Year Hats

Campers love Outpost hats! Whether they are wearing them every day at camp or showing off their favorite Outpost gear all year long, hats are awesome! In a variety of colors and styles, there’s a hat that your child (or maybe you!) will love. Call our office at (858) 842-4900 to purchase a hat or other Outpost apparel! 

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Do you have a crafty camper? A friendship bracelet kit might be just the gift for them! They’ll try making different patterns, use their creativity, and come to camp with awesome new skills to teach their friends. Friendship bracelets are a time-honored camp tradition that your crafty kid will love being a part of!

Get your crafter their kit here!

Soft Archery Set

Soft Archery

Our 4th and 5th grade campers do archery each session with their group. They don’t have to wait until summer, and you don’t have to just hear about it! Join them in the fun target sport all year with a soft archery set. How cool will they feel when they tell their friends that they have their very own archery set at home?

Check out this unique gift! 

Body Board

Boogie Board

Body boards are a favorite item for a day at the beach! In Senior Outpost, our middle schoolers love having a body board, whether they are out riding the waves or sitting on it for lunch. With lots of fun colors and patterns, your middle schooler can show off their style while they enjoy the waves!

Get ready for beach days here! 

Tortilla Blanket

Tortilla Blanket

There is something about being wrapped up in a tortilla that makes all of us laugh. Whether it’s a chilly winter night or a warm summer evening after camp, kids love being a human burrito. Be prepared, if your kids use this blanket, they may want a burrito for dinner!

Get your special wrap here!



Digital Picture Frame

Picture Frame

They found great pictures of their kids at camp on our app this summer, and now they want to display all of them! Digital photo frames are perfect to show off endless pictures of the family without having to choose favorites. Parents love having the ability to add new photos as their favorite memories grow!

Give the gift of showing off memories here!

Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Cover

Sometimes the sign of a great day at camp is a muddy child. While parents love seeing that smile on their faces, their car interior may not love the dirt that comes along with it. Is it a glamorous gift? No. Is it a great way to avoid being stressed out about their car’s interior and allow them to simply appreciate the joy on their messy child’s face? Absolutely.

Help them save their interior here!

Restaurant Gift Card

Gift Card

Kids are at camp all day? Can’t wait to hear all about the day at a special family dinner out? Camp parents love the opportunity to have a grown up lunch while the kids explore and play, or to go out as a family and hear all about it!

We love Knotty Barrel, Rancho Bernardo Inn, Kaminski’s and The Hop Stop

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Parents deserve a chance to breathe and relax. We all have our own ways, and yoga is one of our favorites! Get the camp parent in your life a yoga mat that matches their personality and gives them a special spot where they can focus on themselves. They deserve it!

Check out these options!

Bone Conduction Headphones


These are awesome for parents who wear headphones but need to hear what’s going on around them. Whether they’re music and podcast listeners or virtual meeting regulars, these headphones let the wearer hear what they are listening to without tuning out everything else. These are the solution for parents who need to listen for shenanigans (or suspicious silence).

Grab these unique headphones here!

Neck and Back Heating Pad

Heating Pad

This one is a personal favorite of our director team. These heating pads are great for soothing sore muscles from all the many physical duties of being a parent and warming up in those chilly months. Perfect for a desk chair or favorite couch spot, a wearable heating pad makes any seat a little more comfortable.

Get cozy here! 

Picnic Blanket/Chairs

Family Picnic 2

Outpost’s Annual Family Picnic is a favorite tradition. Help the camp parents in your life be prepared to have a great time with a picnic blanket or chairs! They will have a fun evening watching their kids singing and learning about camp on your awesome gifts.

Check out these chairs and blankets!



Water Bottle


Few things are as important at camp as staying hydrated. Staff love having cold water with them all day and decorating their water bottles with stickers that show off their unique personalities. So many colors and sizes gives you options to get the camp counselor in your life their favorite water bottle ever!

Help their hydration here! 

Backpack Decorations


A counselor’s backpack is their constant companion. What better way for them to show off their personality than to decorate their backpack? Iron on patches and pins are easy choices, or maybe you have an advanced crafter in your life who wants to embroider their backpack! They’ll be excited to make their backpack their own at camp this summer.

Check out these patches, pins and embroidery kit

Compact, Fast Drying Towel


Speaking of backpacks, counselors have so much that they have to keep with them every day. Between their lunch, clipboard, first aid kit and various camp supplies, there ends up being little space for a towel. A compact towel that dries fast and has its own carrying case is the perfect solution for that limited space and helps keep their backpacks dry and clean.

Help keep their backpacks light and dry here! 

Insulated Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

Lunch is so important to a camp counselor. Get them a lunch box that will keep their lunch cold every day of summer. They’ll think of you each time they bust into that sandwich!

Keep their lunch cool here! 

Recycled Material Socks


Getting socks as a camp counselor is awesome! Cool patterns make great conversation starters, and there are so many options! There are lots of great companies that make socks from recycled materials. We love these ones that are made from recycled coffee grounds and have super sweet nature scenes.

Check out these ones! 

Car Vacuum Cleaner


Campers aren’t the only ones who come home from camp dirty! Help the camp counselor in your life keep their car free of dirt and sand with a car vacuum cleaner. Who doesn’t like a clean car after a long hot day?

Give the gift of a clean car here! 

Waterproof Shark Watch


Camp counselors need to stay on top of time and they need a sturdy watch that can get dirty, wet, muddy and more. Shark watches are awesome because they do all of that and they come in tons of colors and patterns. Perfect for any camp counselor!

Pick one that fits their style here!

We hope you and your family have a fantastic holiday season together. We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!

Sam Townley and the Outpost Director Team


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