Junior Counselor Program

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High school is a critical time in any young person’s life.

Junior Counselor Recruitment No WatermarkAt Outpost we are proud to work with and teach almost 100  high school students each summer. Our Junior Counselor Program adds so much value to every day at camp and to each camper’s life. The Directors hear countless stories of the amazing creative ideas that they initiate. From creating a new tag game to singing the silliest new song, our high school students incorporate new camp traditions that make each day special for the campers in their groups.

Our Junior Counselors are part of a rigorous yet fun program that trains them to be responsible, accountable, and innovative. Students from 15 to 18 are trained in basic child development skills and equipped with the skills to create friendships between campers.

Junior Counselors develop their own skills here as well. Our high school students increase their confidence, communication, and professionalism. They work hard for a minimum of three weeks, many asking to extend their time to an extra session. Junior Counselors make life long friends while participating in the program.

We take pride in the development of our high school Junior Counselors. JCs that started back in 2002 through 2009 have become directors and JCs from 2010 are now Senior Counselors. Students come through this program and utilize skills within the Outpost world and beyond it.

We can not wait for your camper to join our Junior Counselor Program in just a few years! If you know a high school student looking for an amazing way to spend 3 weeks of their summer send them to our Junior Counselor Page where they can apply online.



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