Camp: Easing Your Child’s Stress

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Growing up you may have worried about such things as which house to sleep over at during the weekend or which set of Legos to ask for when your birthday came around. In the modern world our children, teenagers, and even college-age students are faced with constant moments of stress. Children and teenagers have packed schedules, they have constant pressure to perform, and constantly connect to the relentless flow of media.

In her article “Stress at Camp? No, Never . . . Three Mindful Practices to Create Kinder, Happier, Healthier Campers and Counselors”, Dr. Kristen Race discusses the modern difficulties children and young adults have in managing their emotions and the stress of their daily lives. In their most recent study, the American Psychological Association identified teenagers as the most stressed group in 2014.  This is a result of many adolescents’ inability to cope with difficult situations in our modern culture.  Dr. Race goes on to explain that this stress begins at a young age, starting as early as five years old. 

So what hope is there? We can not eliminate all stresses from every child’s world. But, Outpost Summer Camps is one of my many opportunities that will enable your child, teenager, or college-age student to build resiliency to help them deal with stressful moments. Dr. Race explains that at summer camp there is “an opportunity for positive change”. This includes summer camps focusing on aspects of resiliency such as mindful listening and paying attention to an individual’s emotions.

Our Director Team works diligently to learn new techniques, like the one discussed in Dr. Kristen Race’s article, to support every member of Outpost.  Each year our Outpost Director team attends a camp conference hosted by the American Camp Association. We participate in seminars and keynote addresses to learn new and proven strategies. Every director uses resources learned at this conference to make Outpost a place where campers and counselors can gain resiliency.

To read more about Dr. Kristen Race’s ideas of 3 simple practices to make a lasting change in your brain and your life Click Here!

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