Fun on days with no School!

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Looking for some weekend entertainment for days off of school?

Happy President’s Day Weekend! Does your child have time off of school this weekend? Time off is something all students look forward to, don’t let it go to waste. Why spend these beautiful days inside when you can get outdoors and play these new camp games? Gather up your friends, try some of these fun games and activities. Get ready for Summer time at camp!

Bestof 110

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Here are a list of fun games that take little to no props or preparation!

1. Charades.

2. I Spy with My little Eye (Something red and small. Who can guess what it is?)  The winner gets to be the spy next. You have to choose objects that you can see right now.

3. Make an obstacle course of crawling under and over items.

4. Button, Button, who’s got the button?  Use a pebble or any random item. Kids sit in a circle facing inward, each holding their palms tightly together. The kids pass their hands through the person’s hand to their left, motioning like they’re secretly dropping a button into the other child’s hands.  Everyone’s hands keep doing this motion while only one button is really being passed.  The trick is to catch someone passing the real button.   If you guess wrong, you’re out of the game.  If you guess right, both people involved in the passing are out of the game, until the next game starts.

5. Electricity. Kids sit in a circle facing inward, holding hands.  One person starts the flow of “electricity”  in one direction by squeezing their neighbor’s hand, who then squeezes his neighbor’s hand.  The squeezes go down the line, until someone catches a person passing the electricity.  The two passers are out of the game, until the next game starts.  You could let the kids choose to reverse the pulse too.

6. Simon Says… or “Your Name” Says!

7. Mother, May I?  Kids stand side by side in a line.  You stand several yards away.  In turn, you give each child a command like, “Tara, take four baby steps.  Mike, take two giant steps.  Grant, take five crawling steps.”  The child must remember to say “Mother may I?” before obeying your command.  If a child forgets to say, “Mother, May I?” s/he returns to the starting line. The first child to reach you wins.

8. I Have a little Doggie and he won’t bite you.  Kids sit in a circle.  IT walks around the circle touching each person’s head saying “he won’t bite you, and he won’t bit you…”  Until IT says to one child, “But he will bite you!”  The “bitten” child chases IT around the circle, trying to touch IT before IT sits down in the “bitten” child’s place on the ground.   If IT gets caught, s/he gets to be IT again.  If IT sits down first, the bitten child gets to be IT.

9. Musical chairs (played with one shoe in each spot instead of a chair) The teacher sings instead of using a tape recorder.

10. Shoe race.  Kids race to a big pile of all their shoes, to find their own, put them on, and run back.  You could have two separate races, one for slip-on shoes, and one for tie-on shoes.

12. Rock, Paper, Scissors

13. 20 Questions.  You think of an object.  Kids ask up to 20 Yes/No questions to try to guess what it is.  For example, “Is it a person?  Is it a place?  Is it a thing?  Is it big?  Is it brown?  Is it an animal?”  You can only answer yes or no.

14. Homonyms Game.  Teacher gives clues of 2 homonyms and students guess. Example: “I’m thinking of a word that’s a drink and a letter.” (Tea/T). Other ideas: Ant/Aunt, Mail/Male, Heel/Heal, Meet/Meat, Bored/Board, Hole/Whole, Reel/Real, Rose/Rows,
Sea/See, Two/Too, Use/Ewes, Way/Weigh.

15. Name that tune.  You hum a tune they know and the person to guess gets to hum the next tune.

16. Lie down and let each person tell what a cloud looks like to them.

17. Chain story: Someone makes up a beginning to a story.  Then each person takes a turn making up a part to the story to add on.

18. Sit in a circle.  In unison, all hit knees, clap, and snap to a beat.  On each child’s turn on the snap part of the beat, they name one item that begins with the letter of the alphabet that lands on them.  The first child uses A, like “apple,” second uses B, like “boat,”  so on.

19. Hold a backwards spelling bee.  You say a word, they say the word, then say it  backwards, and then spell it backwards.

20. Mirror, Mirror.  Two kids stand facing each other.  One follows the movements of the other just like a mirror.

21. Have the kids lay on the ground next to each other to form letters to spell a word.  You could start by giving them a word, then let them take turns thinking of a word, and letting you guess what the word is after they’ve worked out how to arrange themselves on the ground.

22. Braille.  One child slowly writes a word on the other child’s back with her finger, and the front child tries to guess what was written.


There are so many ways to play and have fun on days off from school! Get outside and play today!!!Blitz 2000



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