Sunday Summer Stories: Amanda and the Dance Parties


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My favorite camp memory would probably be when I had an all-girls group last summer. They were such an amazing group, but it took us a few days – and a lot of dance parties – to become true summer friends. I remember the beginning of the session – they were all shy and quiet, but about halfway though we all bonded over the music I would play as loud as could in our van.

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We would park the van and the second I gave the go word, they would all unbuckle and start singing and dancing along. It was so amusing and so much fun to watch this once super shy group of nine-year-old girls all join in and go crazy in the van. It became a routine for us! We would not get off the van until we had a chance to dance to at least one song.

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Turning around to watch all of them laughing, smiling, and dancing with each other made me extremely happy as a camp counselor! They all went from shy strangers to the best of friends that session on my van. As a counselor, there’s not much more you want than to know your kids had a blast dancing the weeks away!


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