Sunday Summer Stories: Shelby & the Ducky Wucky

summer story shelby

This week for our Sunday Summer Story, our long-time camper and counselor Shelby tells the story of her favorite camp game, Ducky Wucky. To read Andrew’s Sunday Summer Story, click here

A favorite summer story that stands out to me from my many years at camp is from when I just a camper in Senior Outpost.

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It was early in the session and our group of seventh graders was still getting to know each other. We were getting ready to go to the beach and were playing games with our counselors while waiting. My counselor announced we were going to play a game called Ducky Wucky. Basically, this games is where you have to try to make the other campers laugh by doing something funny.

By the end of the game, all of us were dying of laughter and wanted to just keep playing the game. Our counselor was just being so wacky and her energy was infectious.

By the time we were supposed to leave for the beach, we had forgotten all about the plan. All this because we were so engrossed in a game where you make silly faces at people. After that, our group didn’t stop talking to each other and we didn’t stop having fun either for the rest of the session!


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