Sunday Summer Stories: Andrew & the Hunger Games


My favorite summer story is when I was an Upper Camp Senior Counselor. Upper Camp is really fun because we play a lot of fast, energetic games that make us run, get sweaty, and extremely tired. My group often played a game called the Hunger Games, which was also one of my favorite games. To play the game, all you need is a large open field, no more than 15 dodgeballs, and your strong arms and quick feet.


Before the game starts, we place all the dodgeballs in the center of the field that we call the Cornucopia and then we all circle around it about 25-30 feet back. We count down from 10 and the games begin! It’s every man for himself. We all sprint to the center of the field and grab as many dodgeballs as we can, and we start throwing them at each other to get each other out. If you get hit with a dodgeball, you immediately have to fall to the ground in the most dramatic way you can, because that’s the only fun way to fall to the ground! If the person that hits you with a dodgeball gets hit by somebody else, then you’re back in the game.

“These are the days that make me love camp.”

This game was so fun that we played it almost every single day and it never got old. We would even sometimes switch up the rules so you could be an ally and work with someone else, or we would add two pool noodles to the Cornucopia so you could (gently) hit someone else or use it to shield a dodgeball coming your way.

This game took all the energy out of us so we all just sat all sweaty under a tree and relaxed until we were rested for the next activity. These are the days that make me love camp.


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