Our Favorite Pre-Camp Moments From 2017

Top Pre Camp Moments 2017

1. Fireworks day!

DSC 0319






Every year on the Fourth of July, the entire camp dresses to the nines in the most patriotic gear we can find. Pre Camp is no exception. Decked out head to tie in red, white, and blue, our little campers made gorgeous fireworks crafts to take home and then marched in a parade of lively dancing and singing.

2. We learned how to get super muddy

20170710 125136








Here at Pre Camp, we like to get muddy. Supper muddy. A day at Outpost isn’t complete until you’re covered head to toe in mud.

3. We fed our favorite friend, Hermie the Hippo

DSC 0262






Every morning, our hungry hippo Hermie needs to be woken up by his favorite friends at Pre Camp. Sometimes after we collect enough leaves to give him a snack, we can see him peaking his head through the water.

4. We got in touch with our creative side

DSC 0787






Arts and crafts time is a Pre Camp favorite – just look at that smile for proof! We love to get messy with paint. On our shirts, in our hair, we want it everywhere!

5. We earned gold in the Olympics

DSC 0488






Olympics Day at Pre Camp is a very special event, one which requires special training and an energetic spirit. From water balloon toss to hula hoop competitions, Olympic Day can’t be missed.

6. We built a rocketship!

DSC 0715






Pre Camp beat Elon Musk to it. Last summer we built our very own spaceship and took to the skies to do some exploring.

7. We decided that mud baths are the best baths

DSC 0287






Remember the days when you were a kid, running and jumping in puddles in your yellow coat and wellies? We can’t help but love these moments when they happen at Outpost. Mud baths are irresistible to campers and counselors alike.

8. No one hates water balloons

DSC 0217






On the hottest days of summer, we love to fill up buckets and buckets with water balloons. There are so many games to play, so many water balloons to burst over our heads. Here, a group of campers, with great concentration, preps for the water balloon toss.

9. There’s no bad day to dress up

DSC 0231






We can’t help it – dressing up is just too much fun! We love to celebrate any occasion to make a costume, from Halloween in August to Superhero Day. In the photo above, these lovely ladies show off their attire for Disney Day.


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