You Know You’re a Camp Counselor When…

You Know You're A Camp Counselor When (2)

This is a guest blog post by Samantha Townley, our wonderful director of Senior Outpost and Outpost After School Care

One of my favorite things about being a camp counselor is you share inside jokes with other counselors, regardless of what camp you worked at. We all have those relatable camp counselor moments, so I compiled a list of my favorites. Enjoy!

You know you’re a camp counselor when…

1. Your friends and family don’t expect to see you over summer.

2. A song comes on the radio, and you sing your camp version and get weird looks from your friends.

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 3. Tan lines are a competition.

4. You have a set of camp clothes and a set of “normal” clothes.


 5. You refer to your campers as your kids.

6. You save everything campers make for you.

7. You have made friends from all over the world.

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 8. You would rather sleep then shower.

9. You have a “camp wall” in your room.

10. Your friends are tired of hearing stories that begin with “this one time at camp…”

Summer Camp Posedpics 129

 11. Walkie talkies are signs of authority.

12. You value your clip board more than your cell phone.

13. Your favorite songs are about a moose, hippos, or made up words.

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 14. You’ve written a class paper/college essay about camp.

15. You can walk through a dark path at night without a flashlight.


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