Our Top 10 Favorite Moments From Summer 2017

Top 10 moments from summer camp 2017.

Summer camp 2017 was an absolute blast at Outpost Summer Camps! Every session was packed to the brim with sunshine, endless laughter, and unforgettable memories. But when the weather gets chilly and we’re wrapped in our favorite blankets, we like to think back on all the fun we had during those carefree weeks.

So here are our top 10 favorite memories from last summer!

1. Halloween in August

Pre Camp was dressed to the nines on our favorite dress-up day in August.

2. Neon Day

Monochrome begone!

3. Let’s Get Muddy

As we like to say, “If you’re not getting dirty, you’re doing Outpost wrong.”

4. Rock Climbing Adventures

Senior Outpost challenged…and rocked!

5. Red, White & Blue Day

There’s no better day to embrace all things ‘Murica.

6. Scaling the Ropes

Balance, courage, and a love of thrills are all ingredients that make high ropes day one of our favorites.

7. Going for the Gold

Our Pre Camp athletes couldn’t have done better on Olympic Day.

8. Bullseye

Day Camp flaunted a crazy number of pizza badges this summer.

9. Unsroppable Day

We are Senior Outpost, and we are unSROPpable.

10. Greasy Watermelon Challenge

Charlie Watermelon






We won’t ever forget our favorite summer challenge: Which counselor can win a wrestling match over a greasy, wet watermelon?

Bonus: Our Favorite Triplets

Here at Outpost, we like to dress in style…and in trios!



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